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L’Institut Destination Langues
l’Institut Destination Langues received the certification Qualité FLE
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L’Institut Destination Langues offers you high quality teaching from its team of experienced teachers.

L’Institut Destination Langues is perfect for anyone who wishes to learn or strengthen their knowledge of the French language and culture for their education or for professional purposes.

L’Institut Destination Langues is located right in the centre of Marseille, a stone’s throw away from the “Old Port”and the “Place Castellane”. It is also close to the major shopping districts and main tourist attractions (Line 1 – metro station Baille).

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Our trainings

Our trainings

Our team

Our team

Nathalie Bianchi Direction / Director Nathalie BIANCHI nathalie.bianchi@destinationlangues.com Vanessa Julien Enseignante / Teacher Vanessa JULIEN vanessa.julien@destinationlangues.com Sara COSTA ANDRADE Assistante administrative /
Administrative assistant
Choukri BEN MERIEM Assistant administratif /
Administrative assistant
Christophe Monteiro Enseignant / Teacher Christophe MONTEIRO christophe.monteiro@destinationlangues.com Davide Orme Appui logistique /
Jean-Michel BIANCHI

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The blog

The blog

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In numbers

In numbers
Creation of the institute
students trusted us
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« La escuela es bastante simpatica, hay un entorno joven y esta bastante céntrica. Hay alumnos de todos los paises, lo que te permite a la vez de estudiar francés conocer costumbres diferentes. El horario es super flexible y las clases son divertidas a la vez que completas. »




If you’re looking to learn French, you’ve come to the right place! I recommend you my school. It’s ‘l’Institut Destination Langues’, in the centre of Marseille. It’s really easy to get there- you can take the metro or the bus. Our school is really nice. The classrooms have tables, chairs, a whiteboard, a TV, a DVD player… everything you need, in a nutshell. There is a ‘coffee break’ room with a coffee machine, tea, herbal teas, some tables and chairs.




Ici, on parle français plus facilement !


Sonica, Inde


Bonjour tout le monde !

Je m’appelle Sonika, je suis indienne,et j’apprends le français à l’ Institut Destination Langues. Depuis 3 mois j’apprends le français ici et maintenant je parle, comprends et écris le français simplement grâce à mes professeurs. Tout le monde est très gentil. Mon professeur s’appelle Pierre et il est très amical avec les étudiants. Apprendre le français dans cette école est très bénéfique :
1) Cette école est moins cher pour étudier.
2) L’enseignement est très bon.
3) Les professeurs expliquent le français en français au lieu d’en anglais, donc les étudiants peuvent apprendre très rapidement.
Je suis très contente d’apprendre le français ici. Merci et bonne chance !

» सभी को नमस्कार
मेरा नाम Sonika राना है मैं भारतीय हूँ
मैं Institut Destination Langues में फ्रेंच सीख रही हूँ.मैंने तीन महीने पहले फ्रेंच सीखनी शुरू की थी और अब मैं फ्रेंच बोल, समझ और लिख सकती हूँ और यह सब मेरे प्रोफेसर की वजह से है.मेरे सारे शिक्षक बहुत अच्छे हैं. मेरे शिक्षक का नाम Pierre है वह सभी छात्रों के साथ बहुत ही friendly है.
इस विद्यालय में फ्रेंच का अध्ययन बहुत ही लाभकारी है
1) यह स्कूल affordable है
2) शिक्षा बहुत अच्छा है.
3)अध्यापक अंग्रेजी के बजाय फ्रेंच को फ्रेंच में ही अनुवाद करते है ताकि छात्र बहुत जल्दी सीख सके. मैं बहुत खुश हूँ की मैं यहाँ फ्रेंच सीख रही हूँ.
धन्यवाद and Good Luck !  »




I study French at Institut Destination Langues (IDL). There are students of many nationalities. The teachers are very good. The classes are organised according to the level of French of the students. There are classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Some students are learning French to study at university or to work in France, and others to teach French in their home country. As for me, I’m learning French to do a master’s in geophysics at the University of Marseille 3. I started French lessons on the 5th of January. I’m going to start my master’s in September.

« Ninasoma kifaransa katika shule iitwayo Institut Destination Langes ( I.D.L ). Kuna wanafunzi kutoka nchi tofauti. Walimu wanafundisha vizuri. Madarasa yamepangwa kulingana na uzoefu wa wanafunzi Katika lugha ya kifaransa ; wapo wanafunzi wanaoanza kabisa kujifunza, wapo wa kati na wapo wa ngazi ya juu.
Baadhi ya wanafunzi wanajifunza kifaransa kwa ajili ya kusoma masomo ya chuo kikuu, wengine kwa ajili ya kufanya kazi ndani ya Ufaransa na wengine wanajifunza ili wakafundishe lugha hii nchini kwao.
Mimi ninasoma kifaransa kwa ajili ya kusoma masomo ya shahada ya uzamivu katika sayansi ya mazingira katika chuo kikuu cha Marseille III. NIlianza kusoma kifaransa mnamo tarehe 6 Januari. »


Yevgeniya, Ukraine


Si tu décides d’apprendre le français, je te conseille de venir à Marseille ! Parce qu‘ il y a beaucoup de plages et du soleil, mais il vaut mieux que tu mettes la crème de soleil avant d’aller à la plage !!! Je te conseille d’apprendre la langue à l’école qui s’appelle « Institut Destination Langues ». Tu peux aussi visiter Notre-dame-de-la-Garde, mais je te déconseille de boire trop de pastis ! Il faut que tu fasses attention, je te déconseille de sortir très tard le soir ! Il vaut mieux que tu trouves des amis à Marseille, et l’école est très bien pour ça !




Before arriving in Marseille, ask for information about the different types of classes offered by “L’Institut Destination Langues”, the prices, the timetable etc. I advise you to learn French in this school. The teachers teach different levels of French. When you start classes just bring a dictionary, a notebook and a pen! When you live here, go around the city to get to know it well; the streets, the addresses of cinemas, shops etc. Go for walks in Marseille, take the bus to go to the different beaches that there are here. It’s very pretty! Be very nice with your friends as they can help you out. Warning! Very important: bring in a traditional dish from your country from time to time!!!