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A passionate and fascinating all-English website by Theresa on Marseille and the region, the latest news and events, culture, and all the little things to do! This is the guide in English for all things about Marseille!


Nouveaux arrivants à Marseille

All the practical information you’ll need to help you move to Marseille as quickly as possible !!!

Understanding the city, its neighbourhoods and arrondissements;
The administrative procedures: where to go for assistance ;
Services, leisure activities, culture, sport, extra-curricular activities…
All aspects of everyday life are addressed and ready to use:
A practical presentation of Marseille- where to go for administrative procedures, who to turn to to integrate more quickly…
The site was developed to simplify daily life and to ease you into life in the city of Marseille.
Practical and easy to use, it’s also designed to be interactive.


Raskas Kayak

Come kayaking in Marseille !!!

Sea kayaking is the perfect way to observe the natural landscape up close. Many outings are scheduled, for all types of groups !

In the working-class and picturesque Panier neighbourhood, the Théâtre de Lenche has succeeded in creating a major cultural pole, around which creativity, distribution, and theatre training have developed beyond ephemeral trends and in a climate of relative discretion, with high standards of artistic and technical precision, thus firmly establishing the organisation in Marseille’s cultural development.


Marseille’s vélorution brings together cyclists wanting to go on some peaceful rides in the streets of Marseille.

As such, their rides fall under the category of activism. They take over a few per cent of the 94% of public spaces occupied by cars (Source Paris : B. Delanoë, 2003).

Our attachment to cars and motorbikes is not inevitable; it’s a way of thinking which is asphyxiating our cities and lives. Through our behaviour and our choices, it’s up to us to free ourselves from the tyranny of cars and motorbikes, for us, for the future. Vélorution!


Cinéma « Variétés » et « César »

Two good art-house cinemas. The screenings always start on time, so make sure you arrive a few minutes before the time indicated. They have some attractive discounts including a book of 10 tickets, valid for a year. All films are shown in their original language and the screening rooms are large and comfortable. Whatever the language, it’s always much more authentic to watch the original version of a film, right? Some screens are large, and others more intimate- plus it doesn’t stink of popcorn or sweets !!!

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